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Ensuring a Sress Free Tax Return

When working for yourself, the stresses and strains of self-assessment tax returns can be avoided through good organisation and forward planning, as well as utilising the skills of a trained accountant to deliver an accurate return.

Make sure you take time to understand the self-assessment process, including what is required for the actual form as this could avoid problems in the future. By the same token, organise all relevant paperwork and make sure you keep neat, easily accessible records throughout the year to relieve any last minute stress when the deadline approaches.

Learning from any mistakes from the past and avoiding errors in your return will both make the whole process easier, while saving you unexpected costs in the long term.

By constantly monitoring your book keeping through the year, you are more likely to know exactly how many expenses you can claim, such as energy bills if one of your rooms acts as your office, or for stationery expenses. Disorganisation would make this much harder and you may miss out on what you are owed. Again, an accountant can advise on this and even take care of it for you.

Avoiding the stress of tax returns can be avoided further by using one of our highly skilled and experienced accountants to make sure your end of year returns go smoothly.

If you want to learn more about the services we offer and learn how to achieve a stress-free tax return, get in contact with us.

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