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Snap election 2017 – Theresa May says it will strengthen Brexit

Yesterday the Prime Minister, Theresa May called an early election. The General Election Date will be for June this year. She had reported to the BBC that she has hesitantly changed her mind on the issue in the recent weeks running up to her final decision.

Mrs May has asked the public to trust her in calling a snap election. She has stated that a new mandate would give her the ‘strongest hand.’ The PM also believes that it would make it hard for the public to be annoyed with Brexit.

The early poll is expected to secure the two-thirds Commons majority. This is required to go ahead following the Prime Ministers surprise announcement on Tuesday.

Before, the next general election would have been in 2020 however, the fixed term Parliaments Act has allowed one to held earlier this year instead but only if two-thirds of the MPs agree with the decision.

Mrs May had stated last year that she would not be calling an early election, as there are, of course, risks in calling an election. However, the PM is insisting that she is putting her trust in the public, and she asks that they do the same.

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