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Prime Minister to set out offer to EU citizens after Brexit

The prime minister stated yesterday that she wants EU citizens that are living in the UK to stay after Brexit, as she has announced plans which have them in mind to put their ‘anxiety to rest.’

The Prime Minister has told the commons that she wants to reassure to the 3.2 million EU citizens. This includes citizens of the EEA countries and Switzerland, Theresa May stated they are an ‘integral part of the economic and cultural fabric’ of Great Britain.

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has said that the offer wasn’t generous and ‘too little, too late.’ Labour believes that the UK should have guaranteed the security to citizens of the EU after the referendum last year.

All EU nationals will be able to bring over their spouse and children as long as they have been living in the UK lawfully for at least five years. They will also be granted a ‘settled status.’

On the other hand, those who come after an ‘agreed cut off point’ will be given two years to settle their status.

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