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Are all accountants the same?

It’s hard for us to give advice on accountants, since we are accountants. But something to consider when you do pick an accountant is the connection that you will have with them. There are different types of accountants and we’re going to go through a few in this blog. The large accountant(s) You may feel […]

The importance of millennials in today’s society

‘More young people are voting than at any time in the last quarter of a century.’ Two years ago, the Labour and Conservatives split among 18-29 year olds was relatively even (36% to 32%). In the June General Election this year, statistics showed that the gap had widened dramatically. Labour had 64% with the Tories […]

What should you look for in an accountant?

Whether you’re an established business or you’ve just started up one, you’re going to need a Chartered Accountant UK to handle your business finances. Here are a couple of things that you can look for in an accountant: They listen to your needs If your accountant listens to you and your needs then you will […]

So, what exactly is an accountant?

Fun fact, anyone can call themselves an accountant… Solicitors need to be a member of the law society to be able to call themselves a solicitor. When it comes to accountancy, anyone can attach the title to their name without challenge or regulation. They don’t need to: Have any experience in accounting or tax Belong […]