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So, what exactly is an accountant?

Fun fact, anyone can call themselves an accountant…

Solicitors need to be a member of the law society to be able to call themselves a solicitor. When it comes to accountancy, anyone can attach the title to their name without challenge or regulation.

They don’t need to:

  • Have any experience in accounting or tax
  • Belong to a professional accounting body
  • Have any examinations passed

This means that the person running an accountancy business might not actually be an accountant and could know nothing anything about the subject! The shareholders and owner(s) could know nothing about the subject either!

But there isn’t anything really wrong with this as they would just employ accountants who are trained or have experience in the field.


There is an issue. Who would people complain to when something goes wrong in the building if the firm isn’t regulated? Instead the company could provide you with their complaints procedure in the letter of engagement when you start there.

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