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Choosing Accountancy Software.

As well as choosing the right accountant choosing the right accounting software will save you time and money. Basic accounting software can be cheap and is fairly easy to use. Many day to day tasks will become much easier.

Can the software handle all the book-keeping tasks you need it to?

Accounting software can help with day-to-day financial tasks, including:
Sales, invoicing and receipts
Purchases and payments
Banking and cash management
VAT, tax and accounts
Stock control and payroll
Book keeping is simplified and automated.
Every order you take will automatically generate a sales invoice and even stock levels and customer records will automatically be updated.
Checking bank statements, VAT returns, monthly management accounts and more can be completed quickly
Some software supports online banking and online tax filing
Most packages offer optional features to help you run payroll

Keep an eye on your cash flow and generate management reports
You can easily see who owes you money, check your bank account balance, or how much VAT you owe.
Generate your balance sheet, profit and loss or cash flow reports, or view performance against budget.
Some software may let you estimate how profitable a particular job has been
Use information about outstanding debt to generate automatic debt-chasing letters
Allow your accountant direct and easy access to prepare accounts.

As you can see the benefits are endless. If you would like some advice about choosing the right software speak to CWR Accountants.

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