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Choosing your accountant

One of the biggest advantages about a great accountant is that you won’t have to see them very often. They should just be busy working away in the background, making sure your accounts are in order, that you’re hitting compliance regulations and that no crucial deadlines are ever missed. It’s a weight off your shoulders and that’s the whole point.

However, there will be times when you need to meet either face-to-face to go over important documents or just evaluate where you and your business are financially at certain points throughout the year.

It’s essential for all involved that these meetings go as smoothly and efficiently as possible to ensure all points are covered and that the time you’re paying for is being used wisely.

Choose a location that suits both of you. Keeping distractions to a minimum is important.Whether that’s at one of your offices, at your house or at a coffee shop somewhere with good WiFi connection and a quiet seat in the corner, choose somewhere that works for you. Some people need complete silence and a glass of water to concentrate, other people need the hustle and bustle of café work culture and three double-shot espressos in a row. Just go for a location that is going to enable everybody involved to focus and not get waylaid by noise and other distractions.

The success of any meeting hinges significantly on the preliminary work you do beforehand so make sure you turn up well prepared with plenty of knowledge and information to work with.

Whether it be you or your accountant, make sure one of the parties takes on the responsibility of creating a concise agenda ahead of the actual meeting. So much time can potentially be wasted at the beginning of meetings trying to map out what it is you need to cover and then prioritising the items on the list before you can even get stuck in.

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