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Will you get away this summer?

How does Summer affect you? Many business owners struggle with taking time away from their business. It’s important to have time away to recharge the batteries and to re-evaluate where you are going with it.
If you are a small micro business you might not have an army of staff to take care of things whilst you’re away. Here are a few tips on how to manage to run your business but still take some important time away.
Plan the diary around your holiday. Do the bigger more important jobs in the run up to the holiday then plan the next jobs to be in the diary when you return.
Think about taking shorter but more frequent breaks so time away isn’t too dramatic and you don’t face backlogs coming back.
Use a subcontractor to keep things ticking over until you come back.
If you employ staff leave clear instructions on what is to be done whilst you’re away.
Keep your mobile phone on in case of emergencies but limit your workload as much as possible.
It may seem like an impossible task but owners who take a break and have a rest are far more likely to succeed, than someone who never takes time away.
Work life balance is important. We all like to think of ourselves as workaholics who are fully committed, but our health and well being, feeling motivated and energised is important too.

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