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What can a Chartered Accountant UK do for you?

Whether you’re an established business or you’ve just started up, you’re going to need a Chartered Accountant UK. So, you might be wondering, What Can An Accountant Do For Me? Provide a personal and trusted service Creating a personal and trusted service with customers is so important for a productive business partnership. You need to […]

Small business accountancy in Lancaster

As we’re sure you already know as a Small Business Owner UK, managing your accounts and maintaining high standards of book-keeping is hugely important. Here are a few tips for small business owners: Arrangement We’re going to start with the arrangement of your business. Spend a set amount of time a week on planning the […]

What should you look for in an accountant?

Whether you’re an established business or you’ve just started up one, you’re going to need a Chartered Accountant UK to handle your business finances. Here are a couple of things that you can look for in an accountant: They listen to your needs If your accountant listens to you and your needs then you will […]

So, what exactly is an accountant?

Fun fact, anyone can call themselves an accountant… Solicitors need to be a member of the law society to be able to call themselves a solicitor. When it comes to accountancy, anyone can attach the title to their name without challenge or regulation. They don’t need to: Have any experience in accounting or tax Belong […]

What’s the vital ingredient of a business plan?

If you’re looking for investment or applying for a loan, the chances are that you will need to submit a business plan. Although it’s obviously important to have a sound business idea and to communicate your own commitment to success, in our experience the majority of readers of business plans flip straight to the financial […]

Accountancy for the self employed

Self employment is on the rise, with freelancers becoming more common in every field imaginable – from the old standards like plumbing and journalism to newer fields like app development and I.T. Whatever type of freelancer you are, you’re likely to have struggled with every self-employed person’s worst nightmare – tax returns. Taxation can be […]