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Computer Services

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Computer Services

"We have just bought a computer and an accounting package, by how much will the accountancy fee fall?" is a commonly asked question of accountants by their clients and the answer is impossible to answer in advance.

The benefits of hindsight would have given such diverse answers from "a lot" to "it will cost you twice as much as last year".

Those clients who acquire an accounting software package and do not invest in adequate training in its operation for themselves or their staff, or who do not correctly set up the system in the first place are risking increased rather than lower costs. The reason for this is that it can often take far longer to sort out a computer bookkeeping mess than it does a poorly kept manual system of books and records.

The advances of technology in this field, however, should mean that the cost of producing accurate accounts will fall. The key to achieving this is:

  • To make sure that the accounting software is properly set up and tailored to your needs,
  • That you and your staff have adequate expert training at the beginning
  • That checks and balances are built into or around the system to ensure that the system continues to run smoothly

CWR has many years experience in ensuring that its clients' computer systems operate to an optimum level of efficiency. Whilst our forte is to assist our clients in the selection, installation and set-up of the appropriate software, we are also able to offer, via our connections with local I.T. experts, a complete solution to your hardware and system requirements, be it a simple p.c. or a more complex network.

If you already have a computer package that doesn't work very well for whatever reason, our consultants can:

  • Identify the specific errors being made
  • Make the necessary corrections
  • Advise you on any necessary system adjustments
  • Give you the necessary training
  • Design an overall system of controls to ensure that the system will operate properly in the future

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